Looking to Exit Your Business? Here are Some Tips for Success


Let’s talk about what that would look like.

NJ Broker Plus has founded in 2016 as a “startup” with a vision to establish and grow a boutique Business Brokerage company that would be considered #1 by 2020.

We have experienced some success after closing 60 transactions during the past 4 years.

The journey has been an ongoing learning experience. Reflecting back, we believe the ingredients of success are:

  1. Establish a client and employee centric corporate culture by always “delivering what is promised”.
  2. Build a marketing and administrative infrastructure to support the buying and selling process.
  3. Recruit the best and brightest brokers, many of which have business owner experience.
  4. Know all the numbers and be 100% accurate before marketing the opportunity to potential buyers.
  5. Implement marketing programs that include SEO and social media to attract both sellers and buyers.
  6. Establish and enforce a strict process for both sellers and buyers to elimintate wasted time and create more value for our clients.
  7. Earn exclusive referral sources from companies that have 100% confidence in our company and process.
  8. “Win/Win” or no deal- both seller and buyer must benefit after closing.
  9. Be obsessed with “delivering what is promised”.

We continue to learn every day and work toward improvement. If you’re thinking of selling or buying a business, I look forward to hearing from you.

Mike Janis