Selling your Business” in 2020 during Covid 19 Pandemic


We have been able to sell a number of businesses in 2020 despite the on-going Covid 19 crisis”

Common factors:

  1. Many businesses have increased revenues and profits. Health Care, supermarkets, and logistics companies lead the way. Other market segments are Food establishments that have been engineering for pick-up and delivery.
  2. The sellers are truly motivated to sell due to partner issues, health, or retirement. Business Brokers are encouraging their clients to “price to see” and have realistic expectations.
  3. Capital Gain and ordinary income tax rates will increase in 2021.
  4. There are buyers who have the financial resources to buy a business now at lower multiples than in previous years.

Unfortunately, a number of businesses will be closed or operating at a loss. They cannot be sold until 2021 and beyond.

Mike Janis