Some Businesses are Thriving During Covid-19


With the business landscape significantly changed recently due to coronavirus, the main stories seem to be focused on business owners closing or reducing staff.

However, there are some small businesses that are thriving during the pandemic and have seen an increase in demand.

Here’s a list of business types that are seeing business boom during the coronavirus pandemic.

Cleaning services
With the spread of coronavirus fears around the country, it should come as no surprise that professional cleaning services that sanitize offices, restaurants and homes are in high demand. They are hiring to make sure they can deal with the demand.

Delivery services
With many consumers reluctant to leave their homes, or being advised by state governments to shelter in place during the coronavirus crisis, professional delivery services have stepped up to make sure goods can be delivered to homes and businesses.

Grocery & Convenience stores
With the public practicing “social distancing” and many states in the northeast still prohibiting indoor restaurant dining, more families are stocking up on goods and eating at home. This has led to large and small grocers alike to see surges in customer demand.

Liquor and wine stores
With many bars closed due to COVID-19, local liquor and wine stores sales have dramatically increased. Store owners have witnessed people wanting to stock up at home.

Landscaping and yard care companies
As more people than ever are stuck at home due to coronavirus fears, homeowners have much more time to tend to their lawns and gardens. As such, landscaping and general yard care companies are seeing unseasonably good business.

Pools & Spas: installation and service companies
People are willing to spend big bucks to stay closer to home so they can stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Many families are forfeiting their traditional summer trip this year, and the only traveling they’ll be doing is venturing to their backyard with a new swimming pool.

Pool business owners are finding themselves busy, and some installing a pool a day. Some owners are experiencing their busiest year in business.

The ideal time to sell is when there are positive trends in revenue and earnings, and there is an expectation of more to come. Selling your business when sales are increasing will yield a high purchase price.

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Mike Janis