Tips for Selling Your Bagel Store


I can walk outside of my house and within less than a mile there are two authentic bagel stores that have great food. Bagel stores are no longer relegated to just the Northeast. They continue to open up from coast-to-coast, making bagel stores (part of specialty restaurants) at $31 billion industry in the United States alone.

Consumers are able to spend more money eating out for breakfast and lunch. This is great news if you are planning on selling your business. This is the perfect time to sell your bagel store, and NJ Broker Plus will help guide you through the process, Below are some tips to help you be successful in selling your bagel store.

Your business location can significantly impact your asking price. If your shop easily accessible by foot and car will impact how much your business is worth, and how much buyers are willing to pay.

The equipment in your bagel store is also an important asset to keep top of mind when evaluating your business. All buyers will want to take a walk-through of your business to see your equipment.

Marketing Your Sale
The next crucial step when putting your business up for sale is deciding how to market it. NJ Broker Plus is here to help you through the entire marketing and sales process. Contact us today to have us help you sell your bagel store.

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Mike Janis